12 Questions Answered About WHAT SIZE GENERATOR FOR RV

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Last Updated February 1, 2023

Recreational Vehicles often referred to as RV is the living quarters, specially designed for accommodation and value-added facilities. Either you own a motorhome, travel trailer, camper van or caravans; you require an appropriate RV generator for efficiently running the RV appliances.

Generally, we get confused with what size generator for RV’, and we end up buying any motor generator that doesn’t fulfill the requirement of our travel trailer o campervan.

Choosing and maintaining the RV generator

Determine the wattage of your RV’s A.C unit

You need to focus on the starting wattage of your RV’s A.C. unit to determine the perfect size of the RV generator. While turning on the A.C unit, the power or the starting wattage surges on and later it levels up to a smooth run until it is turned off. To help you understand better, consider buying a 3000W RV generator if the RV A.C unit has a starting watt ranging from 2000-2800W.

Need to turn on the generator regularly

Exercising the RV generator is must to keep the generator in a tip-top condition. Any generators, if they sit idle for too long, they turn it difficult to turn on when needed. To avoid the starting and surging issues of the RV generator engine, it is important to exercise it regularly.

Checking up with the different models for the required size of the RV generator

You need to road-up the different available models of RV generator before picking or investing in either of them. Depending upon the brand of the generators, the price of the model varies though it serves with the same size and wattage requirement.

To make a wise decision, it is always important to rely on the reviews of the best RV generator.

Deciding upon what size generator for RV’, check with the noise levels too.

Some generator many fit the size requirements, but it may turn out too noisy providing discomfort to you and your family members. You must cross-off any RV generators that results in excessive sounds or noise levels.

Determining the use of the generator before buying one

Are you going to use the RV generator more often or for a more extended period or it is just a casual requirement you are looking for? The full-timers or boondockers require a reliable and long term efficient RV generator for avoiding the hassles of plugging.

For the boondocking, your RV generator needs to be extra hard for carrying out the power for a long run without any cable requirements.

Full-timers Vs. Weekend Warriors Use

As mentioned above to determine what size generator for RV’ the essential part is to determine the use. A full-timer campervan requires a reliable generator both in wattage and quality for effective and smooth running whereas those who require to run the RV only during weekends need to worry much about the size as it is hardly used and can prove truly expensive.

So, what size generator for RV? The question remains the same. The exact need of your RV determines both the size and usage of the generator that you are looking for. Considering it as a one-time and expensive investment, always remember not to overlook the need and time requirements for using the RV generator.

If you have a lot of appliances in your RV, then you need to have an effect size generator to keep it working smooth and efficiently.

The high RV generators have batteries that require numerous charging amenities, so you cannot overlook its requirement before buying one.

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