HOW TO REMOVE RV DECALS? It’s Easy If You Do It Smart

Posted by David Lee

Last Updated February 1, 2023

Owning an RV is cool, and for you, as an owner, you’d want to keep it that way. Given that RVs have different appearances all over, I’m sure you’d want yours to be as uniquely possible from any other that you’d cross your paths with.

To start with, the outside appearance of the RV should bring this uniqueness, and this can be quickly done. The RV has decals that give its essence and exterior outlook that can be customized to how you’d like it to be.

Below are a few tips of how to remove RV decals to give it the personalized feel you dream of

1. Heat Gun

Using a heat gun requires precision and careful use of the gun itself. Improper use of the gun could cause damages that would force you to incur expenses you hadn’t initially planned for. Nevertheless, it does the job perfectly if handled with a careful hand. To use it, level its heat range to low or medium and hover it about four inches above the decal for approximately two seconds until they start peeling off.

The peeling process can be done by peeling of the decals slowly with your hands or be scraping it off with a razor. The latter is more efficient as it saves on time but leaves more adhesive than the former.

After peeling off all the decals, wipe the surface of the RV with alcohol to complete the entire process before adding the preferred decals or applying new graphics on the vehicle.

2. Eraser Wheel

This is the most commonly used method by professional RV service providers and even paint and body shops professionals. This wheel does a fantastic job of removing decals and stripes. It’s a quick and easy method that completely removes the decals on your RV regardless of the amount of time they have been on.

An excellent example of a wheel is the 3M Stripe Off wheel that fits well in a 3/8” drill. Eraser wheels can run at optimum speeds of 2,000 RPM, give or take 200 RPM. That’s quite some power for just removing small decals on an RV. They do exemplary work on decals and stripes with little or no damages to the paint underneath the skin of the RV.

The remaining adhesive can be removed by using an adhesive removal solution for RVs that can be easily purchased online or get some from your manufacturer. It is best to seek professional help when opting for this method.

3. Steamer

A steamer is a more convenient way of removing the decals from your RV without worrying too much on damages from the methods mentioned above. It is quite cheaper compared to the two and more efficient nonetheless. A hair blower does the trick. That sure isn’t hard to find.

The only thing that the steamer does is melt the glue holding the decals in place after which you carefully peel the decals off with your hands. The finish underneath will be intact, but you may want to clean off some adhesive that may have remained after.

This can be done effectively with alcoholically induced RV adhesive removal solutions. Apply the new graphics as you’d like.

Now you know how to effectively pimp your RV with these three impeccable methods of how to remove RV decals. The only thing stopping you is you. Your uniqueness is in your hands.

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