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Last Updated February 1, 2023

Are you buying a used RV? Or maybe your own doesn’t look as new as it used to? Well, time for renovation! And the best way to do it is to change the exterior look by painting your motorhome.

Here’s how to paint RV exterior fiberglass

Step 1: Choose the paint

Most of the modern RVs have an exterior made of fiberglass so that we will be focusing on the right paint for this material. Some things to keep in mind:

Never use a standard all-purpose paint, because it will not only take more time to get it right but will also cost you a heap of money.

Don’t worry about not finding the shade you like, because fiberglass paint has a wide range of colors, both matt, and gloss so that you will find something for you!

Always make sure that the paint you are buying is right for your needs and will withstand even the harshest of weathers. Paint that contains acrylic, epoxy, polyurethane or polyester is perfect for the job.

Step 2: Choose the primer

As much as paint is essential, so is the primer. Think of it as the foundation for a better result. Here are some recommendations for choosing a primer:

Read the contents and find those that contain urethane, latex or epoxy, because those work best.

Try to buy paint and primer of the same brand, because it is more likely they will be compatible.

Step 3: Preparation before painting

To start painting, you will first have to prepare your vehicle for it. Don’t try and skip this step, because later you will see that it was worth the effort. Here’s what you should do:

#1. Find the right place

Park your VR in an area where you will have good access to all the sides. Make sure that it’s ventilated if you are doing it indoors, and that it’s out of the sun if you are doing it outdoors.

Wash it whole: Get a good sponge, soap and a hose to wash your motorhome, and you will find that it’s quite dirty.

#2. Use wet sandpaper

To make the surface smoother for the primer and paint to lie down, use wet sandpaper and go over all the sides.

#3. Get rid of the grease

Even after the washing, there will still be some grease left, so you have to use denatured alcohol to wipe it all up.

Cover with painter’s tape: You won’t paint absolutely everything, right? So cover up the windows and windshield, as well as the smaller parts that need protection.

Step 4: Paint your VR

Once you’ve done all that was needed to be done, you can either take out your brushes or a paint gun. Both of them are good for doing the job, so take the one you are more comfortable with. Before doing anything further, carefully read the manufacturer’s instructions. You should know beforehand how long will the primer and the paint take to dry.

Paint the entire exterior with the primer first and let it dry. Then apply the paint. Avoid drips! If you paint something by accident, you can always use acetone to wipe it.

Once the paint dries, you can use RV wax to polish your vehicle. Give it some time, and then remove the tape.

Congratulations! Now you know how to paint RV exterior fiberglass.

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