Uncover 6 Ways On How To Keep The RV Drawers Closed

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Last Updated February 1, 2023

When you are setting out to travel in an RV, it is essential to take necessary measures and secure the interior. However, a lot of people often have a tough time figuring out how to keep RV drawers closed.

While traveling in motor-homes, many people have a problem arranging their belongings. So, to avoid any risk, it is better to secure cabinets and the interiors by locking the windows and doors.

Why Should To Keep The RV Drawers Closed?

While traveling in an RV, you should take proper measures to keep it closed you arrive safely in the destination.

There are a lot of risks involved in traveling with an open RV such as food falling out, broken items, a mess in the cabinets, and others. The vibration caused can bring about a lot of havoc and problems.

How Do You Keep The Drawers Of An RV Closed?

Traveling with closed RV doors is one of the safest options, especially when traveling outdoors. There are several ways through which you can secure the RV drawers. When you are traveling in an RV, you should ensure to secure it tightly, to prevent the chaos caused by bumpings.

1. Tie handles with bungee cords to shut them

When you hire an RV, you cannot make any significant changes to it, such as drilling holes. However, you can choose to tie the door handles with bungee cords. Apart from that, you can also use these cords to secure the cabinets to prevent them from opening.

2. Put a rolled up in the low drawers

If you have the small carpet, you should prefer rolling up the tight rugs to the lower drawer. This will play an essential role in preventing the drawers from opening in case of bumpings. If you do not have a carpet, you can also place a heavy towel.

3. Place your possessions in the cabinets

Most of the times, the drawers and cabinets aren’t arranged properly. This can become risky as items could become dismantled and if the latch opens, the drawer may open. If your drawer has the problem of the opening at regular intervals, you should prefer arranging it properly. Make sure to keep all the light belongings in it to keep RV drawers closed.

Apart from that, you can also use bin bags, pouches to display or store some of your belongings.

4. Screw the strong magnetic latches

You can purchase latches which come with magnetic parts on either side. This can help to keep the RV drawers closed in case of bumping. These magnetic latches won’t have an impact on your decor since they are invisible. If you are confused about how to install the latches, then you should read the instruction guide that comes with it.

Make sure to check the limit properly before stuffing the drawer with your belongings.

5. Install velcros for light drawers

If you want to secure your lighter drawers, then adding or installing velcro can be one practical solution. You can use the sticky magnets and velcros to attach the drawers to increase the security. You should place these in the drawers if there isn’t much pressure. Do not overload the drawer as it can be dangerous.

6. Place magnetic security latches

Magnetic security latches are invisible and will keep your drawers shut always. Thus, it will be one effective solution for keeping the drawers safe.

You can follow these steps and keep your RV drawers closed. There are several other ways which too can help you to know how to keep RV drawers closed, so make sure you follow them. When you set out on your journey in a motor-home, the security becomes excessively important, and this can be assured by closed RV drawers. It is better to check for safety before you set out.

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