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Last Updated February 1, 2023

Even though a lot of people lead an RV lifestyle in order to escape the perks of civilization, most of them still like watching TV, playing video games, or browsing their social media feed. That’s the reason why many of them try to have a television in their motorhomes!

But it’s not always easy to set it up. After all, you can’t just plug in the cable.

So here’s how to hook up TV to RV antenna

There are two possible ways to do it. If you already have an existing satellite dish, it will take you three steps, but if you have a new one, prepare to do some extra work. In any case, let’s look into both of these.

Variant I (If you have an existing antenna)

Step 1: Plug in the cables

First of all, plug in the cables that lead from your satellite dish (or crank-up antenna) into the back of your TV. If there’s no place to do that, plug them into the control box.

If your antenna supports high-definition or HD, then these cables will be HDMI cables that can be plugged in just like normal audio-visual ones. If your antenna does not support HD, then the cables will be the usual coaxial ones that can be screwed into the back of the television or control box. In case you have to plug or screw in the cables into the control box, there will be more cables from it that will lead to the television.

Step 2: Screw in the mounts

Choose a place where you would like to hang your TV. Make sure it’s somewhere that will be comfortable for you so that you don’t have to change it afterward. Then screw in the mounts.

Step 3: Attach the brackets

Connect the brackets to the television. Then attach them to the mounts.

Variant II (If you have a new antenna)

Step 1: Construct the satellite dish

Unbox your satellite dish or crank-up antenna, and follow the instructions to set it up. Make sure not to miss anything, because it may affect the way your antenna works afterward.

Step 2: Place the antenna

Glue the antenna or dish to your RV’s roof by using caulk. Let it dry well. If you want additional support, you can screw the dish into the roof. Before gluing or screwing it in, make sure to choose a good spot. Keep in mind that the best location for it will be in the back part of the roof.

Step 3: Run the cables

First, find the hook-ups or holes on your motorhome’s room to feed the cables through. Then run both the interface and power cables inside in order to connect them to the TV.

Step 4: Connect the cables

Plug in both the interface and control cables into the antenna or dish from one end and the back of your television or the control box on another end. Again, you might have to screw them in case your antenna does not support HD. Don’t forget to have the additional cables connected from the control box to the television in case you connected the cables to the control box.

Step 5: Screw in the mounts and attach the brackets

Do steps 2 & 3 from Variant I.

Now that you’ve completed the setup, you can finally turn on your television and enjoy your favorite programs! Don’t forget that the signal might get worse depending on your location, but that is something you can live without for a few hours or so.

Congratulations! Now you know how to hook up TV to RV antenna.

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