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Last Updated February 1, 2023

There are two sides to every coin, and so there are two sides of leading an RV lifestyle. It’s freeing, but it’s also limiting your actions. How? Well, every RV has a toilet… And at some point, you’ll have to clean it, or rather clean your black and grey tanks. How can you do this? Here’s how to dump RV tanks at home.

First of all, let’s mention that yes, it is possible to do this because many RV-ers question this possibility. There are three scenarios that you can get in so that we will discuss all of them. Also, if you have a sewer connection in your home, then you don’t need any of these, because you are already covered! Consequently, it’s still not advised to drive back home with full tanks, so you better consider the options first.

Now, let’s get started!

Step By Step Guideline Dump Rv Tanks

Scenario 1: Dumping your RV tanks elsewhere

As it was just mentioned, taking your full tanks back home is a terrible idea, and there are several reasons for this:

It’s easier to dump your tanks either at the campground or at a pumping stationalong the way back.

It adds to the weight of your motorhome, which is not very good for your RV’s ‘health.’

So if you can, it is highly recommended you consider dumping your tanks before heading back or dumping them along the way.

Scenario 2: Using a bucket

This option is only applicable if your tanks are not full or have very little water in them. If, when you are about to set off to home, your tanks have around one or two buckets of wastewater, you can leave it all as it is and add the RV toilet treatment cleaning solution. The solution that is made up of mostly calcium nitrate will break down your waste and clean the tanks on the inside while you are driving. When you get back home, you can use a bucket to catch all the remaining water and dump it into your toilet.

Scenario 3: Installing a macerator

If you have a full tank and there are no places you can dump it before arriving home, then using a portable RV waste pump, or a macerator is an ultimate solution. You will also need a water hose for this.

Here’s what you should do next:

Attach the macerator to the waste outlet of your black or grey tank.

The macerator will chop up your waste to smaller pieces and pump it into your water hose.

Lead the hose into your toilet (or sewer) and let the pump do the work.

After that’s done, run some clean water through the macerator to clean it up.

Disconnect it and put it away for another time.

There’s also a checklist of things to do:

You should always clean and then disconnect the pump to keep it functional.

When you turn it on, you will most likely have to power it either from your RV’s or car’s battery, because the macerators are often unsuitable for your home’s power outlets.

Keep in mind that you must never use the same hose for dumping your tanks like the one you use for clean water at home.

The pump may heat up, so make sure it doesn’t work for too long. Some of them have auto-off features, but not all do.

If you are using a long hose, then it’s better to use a longer wire for powering the pump. This will prevent it from heating up too quickly.

Congratulations! Now you know how to dump RV tanks at home.

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