No More Mistakes With HOW TO BUILD Lightweight RV CABINETS

Posted by David Lee

Last Updated February 1, 2023

If you have expertise in this area the building, an Rv is a quite easy task. It, however, requires accuracy in all angles. Building one is also cheaper than buying also gives you this beautiful experience and pride In something you made. If you want to save some money then building one is the way to go. They should be perfectly structured for them to function better.

You might also consider using lightweight materials for you to maintain a reasonable weight of your vehicle. Rv cabinets save you a lot of space that you can use for other things. They turn your van into a home and changes how it looks.

Lightweight materials you need to build Rv cabinets

As I mentioned earlier might want to use lightweight materials. Many cabinets are made out of wood. They are durable, strong, easy to work with and cheap. When it comes to lightweight, we can use softwood. They are soft and light.

The recommended wood is plywood. One of the main characteristics of plywood is it resists moisture, which is very important to avoid things kept in the cabinet absorbing moisture. It is also strong and light. What makes plywood stand out, even more, is that is it beautiful.

In other cases, you can use aluminum. I’ll warn you though; it is expensive but if you can afford it then why not.

Wood has the upper hand over aluminum for apparent reasons; cheap and easy to use.

Cabinet cases

Cabinets are just boxes. It all depends on what size you want to make and the space available for them.

Skinned and framed

They are made of aluminum or wood or steel. Their main extinguishing thing is their sides are filled with a panel. The sides are made of a lighter material.


They are heavier. The sides are part of the box itself. There is no use of frames all through the box. It is heavier because the material used has to create strength for the cabinet. It is stronger and more comfortable to build.

Joining techniques

I will focus on integral cabinets since they are easy to make and also strong.

Here are some of the way to join the tops, backs bottoms and sides together.

Pocket screws

They are easy and fast to work with. They are also strong, and if done correctly they can be invisible.

They are the best in making cabinets. You have to buy a pocket screw jig and a clamp. Camp the jig onto your board. Drill into the wood creating holes or instead pockets for the screws. Use a screwdriver to drive the self- tapping screw into the joining pieces of wood; this pills them together firmly.

Hinges and drawer slides

Picking some of these depends on what you prefer from the color which can be brass or stainless; whichever you choose.

Make sure they make it easy to open your drawers and can be closed tightly. The last thing you need is your drawers flying open unnecessarily.

You can also use corner clamps.

They are perfect for holding the pieces of wood at ninety degrees to each other correctly.

Making RV cabinets can be the best thing you can do for your van. Having these inbuilt stores can go along way. You`ll stay organized, and you won’t have to throw things away because you have no perfect place to store them. When making the cabinets take your time and be precise in measurements. It will make your work easier.

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