RV Toilet Talk – Flushing Never been So Efficient

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Last Updated February 1, 2023

For anyone who is seeing an RV toilet for the first time, a quick lesson on how to use it or to know how does rv toilet work is a must. Head on to read the rest of the article to know more. RV toilets are becoming famous around the globe due to their high level of efficiency and eco-friendly functions.

What is an RV Toilet?

If you own a second home on wheels or even if you often travel from one country to another in your precious truck, then RV toilets are just the right thing for you. RV toilets are the minimalist approach in comparison to home toilets and sewer system. Unlike the home toilet, RV toilet delivers several environmental-friendly functions at its best to create a better experience for you while you are doing your solid (poop) and liquid (pee) business.

3 eco-friendly functions of RV Toilets

1. Low level of water usage

RV Toilets use very less amount of water in comparison to house toilets. Only two quarts amount of water is used per flush. Added to that, RV toilets are designed in a way that they provide water saving rinsing system to avoid unnecessary wastage.

2. Odor Preventing Sewer Tank

Most RV toilets’ holding tank is normally located under the vehicle. Once you flush, the waste liquid will be drained down to a holding tank. In this case, RV toilets commonly have 3 different holding tanks. Freshwater, Gray water, and Blackwater are held in three different tanks, and the one that is described as black water’ is our solids and liquids that we flushed a day or two ago. A special chemical is used into the black water tank to prevent odors as well as to speed up the decomposition process.

3. Time to Dispose

The disposal of RV toilets should be done manually by connecting a hose from the tank to the appropriate dump station which is commonly located in campsites or RV rest stations. RV toilets should be emptied as soon as possible when the tank is full so that it will have the adequate water pressure to pump out the waste from the tank to the hose and then into the dump station.

Since we already know a little bit about RV toilets and its nature-friendly functions, let’s dive deeper into the tips and tricks on using an RV Toilet.

5 Tips and Tricks on Using RV Toilet at Its Best

1. How to Add water in the RV toilet bowl

To add water into the bowl, you need to step on the pedal about halfway, and you will start to see a small amount of water filling the toilet bowl. Remember that it should be a “small amount of water” since the RV toilet tanks aren’t as big as the sewers in the city. This action is vital only when you are about to do your number two business. For your liquids, step on the pedal down to generate a “Fast Flush.”

2. Make a “T” Shape/ Cross Sign

This doesn’t mean that u need to draw a “T” or pray before you deposit your solids. Simply place a toilet paper in a “T” shape or a cross sign to help your solid to slide away more easily into the holding tank without sticking to the sides of the bowl. At times, you would probably need more pressure to clean the remaining in the bowl then just stepping on the pedal. Always have your sprayer in hand and ready to provide a little assistance if needed.

3. Toilet papers are the only exceptions in an RV Toilet

Anything other than your waste and toilet paper is a big NO’ NO.’ Only a small amount of toilet paper is allowed to be flushed to ease the process. Any feminine products, facial tissues, baby diapers, adult diapers, your pets, mother-in-law aren’t supposed to go in there.

4. Use special chemicals regularly to prevent odor

You can buy that odor preventing chemical tablets, or sprays and flush them out together with your waste. It will directly send them to the black water’ tank. Here the chemicals will start to react to control the odor and decomposition process will be hurried.

5. Switch off the bathroom fan

One more important note, never flush an RV toilet with the bathroom fan on. This might draw the smelly air from the black tank up through the RV and into the toilet. I hope you might not want your toilet to smell like rotten tomatoes.

Anyways, hope I have done my part on sharing some of the information I know for your knowledge about what is an RV Toilet, their sustainable functions, as well as some tips and tricks on how to use them through this article. So, if you are someone who is planning for a vacation on the wheels, get up, and the first thing you are going to get is an RV Toilet for hassle-free and nature-friendly toilet experience.

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