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If you are a road trip or camping on an RV enthusiast, then an RV toilet should be one of the first things to install in your RV because nature can call at any given time. I don’t think it will be wise to get out of the RV to ease yourself outside at night! Getting the best RV toilet for use when on the road is not as easy as many. The reason is that most of them are not so similar to the ones we use at home. To make your situation easier, we have gathered vital information to help you when looking for an ideal RV toilet with a tank. The following guide has 10 RV toilets that you can choose from.

TOP RV Toilets Comparison Table

❑1. 5.3G Portable Travel Toilet for RV Camping [Camco]+
❑2. 5.3G Premium Portable Travel RV Toilet (3 Directional Flush, Swivel Dumping Elbow) [Camco]+
❑3. Standard Portable Travel RV Toilet [Thetford]+

1. The Best 5.3G Portable Travel Toilet for RV Camping [Camco]

5.3G Portable Travel Toilet for RV Camping [Camco] Picture

Domestic 320 RV Toilets come with lovely porcelain. What makes it different from other toilets is that it is an elongated RV toilet consisting of an elongated porcelain bowl instead of plastic and round toilet bowl. The toilet also comes with a residential style enameled wood as the toilet seat.

Since the toilet is a ceramic RV toilet, you can admire the look and feel of a usual and full-size residential toilet, right in your RV.

The unit comes with a sturdy vitreous ceramic material to enable it to last for years. The toilet’s elongated enameled wood seat as well as the bowl offers the highest comfort as you do your toilet business in the privacy of your recreational vehicle.

That is the reason most people, especially men fall in love with this toilet. Its ceramic bowl is deep enough, and so you don’t have to worry about their “assets” touching the inside of the bowl. Also, you don’t feel awkward and cramped while sitting on the bowl.

Domestic 310 Vs. 320 with the fact that 320 comes with an elongated bowl trumps up 310 and other toilets. While these two sister toilets are almost the same, the Domestic 310 does not come with an elongated bowl means that 320 wins on this.

What I love most about this toilet is that includes a spray faucet which gives room for spot cleaning if need be. The spray comes with a mount that you can attach to the wall.

Another good thing about this toilet is the ergonomic foot pedal that promotes hands-free flushing. It also needs very little water per flush.

The toilet’s installation is straightforward since you can quickly complete it within 10 minutes. Whatever you need for this RV toilet comes as a package.


  • The toilet comes with an elongated porcelain bowl for added comfort

  • The toilet comes with a spray faucet

  • You can replace the flush ball seal without having to disassemble the toilet

  • The RV toilet is very to install


  • The unit is pricey when compared to other RV toilets

2. The Best 5.3G Premium Portable Travel RV Toilet (3 Directional Flush, Swivel Dumping Elbow) [Camco]

5.3G Premium Portable Travel RV Toilet (3 Directional Flush, Swivel Dumping Elbow) [Camco] Picture

Being among the best Thetford RV Toilets, this hand flush toilet is famous for its versatility since it is suitable for almost every RV. The toilet features a single hand-flush that flushes correctly without leaving behind any trace.

Experts recommend this toilet for its functionality as well as a utility that works flawlessly. The toilet’s textured lid offers the greatest comfort, just like the comfort in your home toilet. With this toilet, convenience is a guarantee. The unit is lightweight, 9.4 pounds only and it is also easy to install.

While on the road or camping somewhere, you can have as much fun as possible without worrying about a thing when it comes to the toilet. The reason is that the toilet saves water by reducing water consumption while in use.

If you love rinsing your hands after using the toilet, the toilet comes with a hand sprayer to make your experience worthwhile.


  • Taller seat to boost comfort

  • It is lightweight for easier installation

  • The lid comes with a texture to get rid of water

  • Comes with an easy to flush pedal or a hand flush

  • The unit has full bowl coverage


  • The toilet is somehow tall for the children

3. The Best Standard Portable Travel RV Toilet [Thetford]

Standard Portable Travel RV Toilet [Thetford] Picture

The travel toilet is the best for any RV enthusiast. It comes with a 2.5-gallon tank capacity. It also comes with a seat and a lid. The toilet comes with a polyethylene make and so it is very durable, compact, but still lightweight. As you use it, you will appreciate the quality and design. Also, the toilet is easy to use as well keep up.

If going on a road trip or camping on an RV, especially for the first time, as much as you want to enjoy the trip, you may find yourself worried about having to deal with emptying the RV black tank.

However, with this toilet, you do not have to use an empty tank. When the time comes to empty the tank, you can empty it into a residential toilet.

All you need to do is to detach the holding tank, and you are good to go.


  • The toilet is kid friendly since kids can sit on the bowl comfortably, and they won’t be swallowed in.

  • The toilet is portable, self-contained, and very comfortable


  • The waste container is heavy making it challenging when dumping the waste.

Best Branded RV Toilets

The market is dominated by some manufacturers such as: Camco, Thetford.

Aqua-Magic V RV Toilet Pedal Flush /High Profile / Parchment – Thetford 31672

Lightweight and stylish, this toilet is comfortable and easy to use since it comes with a taller seat. It also features a pedal flush with the full flush activation that offers complete coverage of the toilet bowl.

The toilet model is great when it comes to RV installation due to the reduced dimensions as well as plastic construction. Even if the toilet is lightweight, it comes with very durable material. It resembles the regular home toilets in so many ways, and so you will get the same level of comfort. You do not have to worry about the waste sinking to the sides since the flush cleans thoroughly.


  • The toilet is so quick to assemble and a good option for those willing to boost their comfort while on the go.


  • Some clients say that the bowl is a bit shallow, which can cause inconvenience

Aqua-Magic V RV Toilet Hand Flush / High Profile / White – Thetford 31667

Thetford 31667 is an excellent RV toilet with style, class, and it is suitable for all the RVs. The aqua RV toilet comes with a single hand flush system. All you need is to press it half-way to fill the bowl with water and flush once for a clean toilet bowl.

The toilet offers most comfort with easy to use one-hand flush. It also comes in white or bone, low or high profiles to fit your desired space requirements and design.


  • Ease of use the toilets one-hand flush is easy to use as it adds water to the bowl when you press it half-way

  • The toilets come with taller seats for added comfort


  • No reported cons yet

Domestic 310 Series Standard Height Toilet

The domestic toilet 310 is a standard height toilet that suits any caravan. It comes with an ergonomic 18-inch toilet seat that is comfortable for everyone. The toilet delivers a power flush via a thorough rinse action toilet bowl with one hundred percent coverage.

I love this toilet because it features a gravity flush that is accompanied by a 360 degrees vortex flush. The unit also comes with a very accessible water line attachment that is easy to install. The only Domestic 310 toilet problems are that it is prone to leak if you fail to install it properly and it is also small for taller people.


  • Just like any other household toilets, this particular RV toilet easily mounts to the floor

  • There is no water splashing from the model

  • It comes with a nice gravity flush for cleaner and easy flushing


  • It is prone to leak if one is not careful during installation

  • Can be uncomfortable for taller people since it is small

Portable Porta Potti RV Toilet

When it comes to portable toilets, this toilet is a real gem and a favorite to many RV enthusiasts. I prefer to use this any time I go camping on my RV instead of venturing out at night to find a public restroom.

Whether you decide to use the toilet on your RV or a boat, be sure to get good results when using the Porta Potti. You may find it complicated as soon as you set it up, but once you finish, you will not believe how faultless things are working.

The toilet’s flushing mechanism is powered by a battery and t uses less water. Moreover, the freshwater jug is enormous enough to store ample water to last you for days while on the go.


  • The toilet comes with an elegant design

  • It is leak proof, and so you do not have to worry about leaks

  • It is also odor free and comfortable to use


  • It is somehow complicated to use

Porta Potti 320P-Thetford 92850 Portable Toilets

Thetford 92850 design offers convenience and comfort of a restroom when you are camping on an RV or traveling. With its compact and sturdy construction, you can easily use this toilet on RVs, Vans Trucks, and any other vehicle.

Even when the toilet is full, you can easily maneuver it, thanks to the toilet’s ergonomic carrying handle and its compact design. The unit comes with holding tanks, one for fresh water with the capacity of 4.2 gallons and the other one for wastewater with the capacity of 3.2 gallons.

The model uses a piston flush system with an average of 33 flushes in the fresh water tank. Its wastewater tank comes with the exclusive pour-out spout and a level indicator to stop and back-splashes as you empty the tank.


  • The unit comes with a sealed valve that prevents odor from escaping the tank

  • It also comes with a removable cover and seat for easy cleaning


  • No reported cons

Natures Head Composting Toilet with Spider Handle

What a super way of having fun traveling and at the same time caring for the environment with a composting toilet in your RV? Nature’s Head Composting RV toilet is the best that you can have with convenient installation.

The model comes with a bug capacity for both the sewerage and clean water. One good thing about this toilet is that you do not have to empty it regularly. You can empty it after four to six weeks within just five minutes. The toilet needs an efficient power source-DC 12-volt adapter which only needs three-wattage.


  • When it comes to this toilet, the toilet needs no maintenance

  • It is an eco-friendly toilet

  • It comes with a vast capacity tank that you can empty after several weeks

  • No odor


  • The unit is hefty, at 28 pounds

Palm Springs Portable RV Toilet

The full size and portable RV toilet are very versatile since one can use it on a boat or camp with it. The unit is also sturdy and very comfortable since the seats come with a design to make sure that one gets an equal experience with a household toilet.

The model comes with three-gallon fresh water tank and a five-gallon waste tank, which may not be the largest but, can serve several people.


  • The unit is high density, and it is also leak proof.

  • It is relatively compact and lightweight

  • It is sturdy and very comfortable full-size toilet


  • The flush button is somehow hard to push.

RV Toilets Pros and Cons

Overall, there are the most important things to consider when purchasing best rv toilets. Pay attention to the following unique features:
  • product's quality;
  • price;
  • etc.

Types of RV toilets

With the various types of RV toilet, choosing the best is challenging.

However, knowing the difference between these toilets will be beneficial when it comes to making a buy. Always make sure you select the one that fits your preferences and RV needs.

Macerating flush RV toilet

The toilet comes with motor powered blades. The blades break down waste into small particles before getting into the tank.

Gravity flush RV toilet

The model is useful in RVs since it offers the same experience with residential toilets. When flushing, the toilet uses the force of gravity to pull down the waste. The toilet comes with a straightforward design.

Vacuum flush RV toilet

The unit works similarly to the macerating flush toilet. The only distinction is a vacuum pump that is there to liquefy the waste before you force it into the tank.

Vacuum toilet is very convenient since you can easily place it anywhere in your RV, unlike other toilets that must be mounted on the ground.

Portable RV Toilet

Just like the name suggests, the toilet is a lightweight and small enough for the waste material to be dumped into a residential toilet. It serves as an ideal restroom if your RV is not around a dump station.

In most cases, the model comes with stainless steel or plastic. It also includes a waste holding tank on the lower part for easier disposal once you are done disposing of, you can easily re-attach the tank to the main toilet.

Cassette/Cartridge RV Toilet

Many prefer this toilet for its simplicity and ease of use. Even though you need to dump the contents often, it offers most comfort to the user. Its holding tank comes with below five gallons capacity, meaning it is smaller when compared to other toilets.

However, it has a light indicator that lets you know when the tank is full and ready to empty. Unlike the portable ones, this toilet is permanently fixed to the RV, but the waste tank is removable.

Composting RV toilets

Many RV lovers may shun the idea of composting waste right in the RV and ignore buying this toilet. However, that might occur only to those with minimal information about this toilet.

The toilet offers a very environmentally friendly mode of dealing with waste. As long as the composting toilet is working correctly, the smell is something that you don’t have to worry about.

One unique thing about this toilet is that it does not need water to work, making it the best when traveling to remote areas with no nearby water supply.

The composting toilet works by separating liquids and solids and then converting the latter into humus that you can easily deposit into the soil.

What to consider when buying the best RV Toilet

Hygiene is the first thing to rank when choosing a toilet for your RV. There are various factors to put into consideration to decide if the toilet is hygienic enough or not and the main one is the flushing system.

A good flush should do so without leaving any waste behind or cause accidental spills. On top of that, a hygienic RV Toilet is the one that does not leak or spread germs and bacteria all over the RV.


As you do your business, you need as much comfort as possible, and the choice you make when buying your RV toilet has a considerable effect when it comes to comfort. High profile toilets are the most comfortable ones, and most people prefer them because they are easy to stand after the business.

Some modern toilets come with hand sprayers to boost hygiene and comfort. Others have remote flushing to make it easier to flush on the dark.


Sizes can disappoint when you buy a pricey RV toilet, only for you to realize that it cannot fit in the available space in your RV. As you consider size, you need to consider the available space to be able to get an ideal one. Also, be keen not to end up with a very small or a huge bowl that might be uncomfortable to use.

Ease of use and installation

It is good to make sure that the RV toilet you choose is easy to install; besides, you do not want to incur added charges paying someone to install the unit for you. The toilet needs to be easy to use in the RV.

If the toilet uses a hand flush it should have the right places flush handle to promote ease of use. Also, the speed and effort required to empty the tank affect convenience and ease of use.

Additional features

Some features are rare with some RV toilets, but they might not be necessary, but they are still excellent and convenient to have in your RV. Such features include; auto flushing, built-in air freshener, odor-reducing seals, wastewater level indicators on the tank, etc.

While such features are not so important, they are still relevant to making your RV toilet comfortable and safe to use.


Diverse models of RV toilets come in various price tags. As the price differs from one model to the other, it is a factor that needs consideration. However, the price needs to come last, after considering the above factors since they are essential in determining the experience you will have once you buy the RV of choice.

More Models to Consider

Camco 41541 Portable Travel RV Toilet for Recreational Activities

Almost as comfortable as your own bathroom back at home, this is an excellent portable toilet with a working flush. This 5.3-gallon portable toilet is perfect for camping and RV trips and offers maximum comfort. It is incredibly compact and lightweight with a sturdy polyethylene construction and weighs just 10.8 pounds when empty. The holding tank is fully detachable for easy emptying and cleaning, and the sealed slide valve protects against leaks and unwanted odors. With an easy-to-use slide valve for flushing, this is about as good a portable toilet as you can find and is almost as comfortable as using the bathroom in your own home. This RV toilet is easy to use and lightweight and has a bucket-style design. It is also made from durable material and easy to carry. WHAT WE LIKE: This model has a simple bucket-style design. It also comes with a snap-on lid. Plus, it features a 5-gallon (20-liter) capacity.

Aqua-Magic V RV Toilet with Pedal Flush 

This model has a higher profile pedestal. With a single-pedal, 2-stage flush system and an increased seat height, this is a lightweight and highly portable camping RV toilet. The toilet comes with a single-pedal system that is easy to use and offers a 100% bowl coverage flush system. With a textured lid that sheds water and resists scuffs, this portable toilet offers almost as much comfortable and hygienic practicality as your own bathroom back at home, and the system is incredibly easy to install, use, and service, even on the go. Weighing in at just 9.8 pounds when empty, this is also an incredibly lightweight option for those who like to travel lighter while still enjoying all the comforts of home. This RV camping toilet is made of high-quality, lightweight materials that make it easy to transport and set up anywhere. It locks in odors. WHAT WE LIKE: This toilet seat has a detachable holding tank that can hold up to 5.3 gallons of water. It also comes with a 2.5-gallon flush tank sealing slide valve, locking in odors and protecting against leakage. It can also be used for 3-4 days before it needs to be refilled as the water tank allows up to 60-70 flushes. There is also an air pump that will clean the toilet bowl, and you can easily detach it from the water tank by loosening the latches on the side.

Aqua-Magic Residence RV toilet with High Profile by Thetford

It has a sturdy plastic pedestal. This is an excellent toilet for permanent installation in your RV with a full-size seat and increased height. A great choice for vehicles that can support a permanent installation, this toilet comes complete with a full-sized seat and cover and is made from sturdy plastic for an authentic home from home experience. With a high profile for added convenience, this brilliant RV toilet has a dual-function flush pedal system that flushes the bowl halfway before opening the valve when pressed again in order to complete the flushing process. This portable toilet is made of durable material. It's also comfortable and efficient. Plus, it's easy to install and use and has a water-resistant coating. WHAT WE LIKE: This model can be set up instantly and is also easy to fold back into a carry bag. It also features a water-resistant coating that will withstand the elements. Plus, it includes 4 stakes that should be used to secure stability. The model has a leak-proof valve and a stylish and functional design that can be easily stored in your car. It's also easy to set up with its simple push-button operation.

RV Toilet Designed for Camping by Camco

It is lightweight and easy to use. With a freshwater holding tank, this is a brilliant little toilet that is perfect for a campout and RV adventures. With a freshwater holding tank that utilizes a pump flush action that completely rinses the bowl, as well as a 5.3-gallon detachable holding tank, this is a brilliant choice for those who like to camp in comfort. Made from durable ABS resin, the strong seals will prevent leakage and trap odors, while the holding tank latch is spring-loaded to make for easier waste removal and cleaning. Weighing just 11.5 pounds when empty and easy to use and clean on the go, this is a brilliant choice for your next RV adventure. This toilet is portable, compact, and lightweight. It's also easy to use and store and it has a built-in piston pump flusher. WHAT WE LIKE: This model comes with a built-in piston pump flusher that provides powerful cleaning action. It also doesn't require any plumbing or external hookups. Plus, it features extra large 5.3 gallon waste tank and 3.2 gallon water tank for fewer emptying trips. Besides, the sprayer keeps the bowl clean a full 360 while the rotating spout allows you to safely and hygienically dispose of contents when full.

Concluding Remarks

In conclusion, with the fact that RVs are home away from home, whether you live there permanently or merely having fun, you need to make sure to get the best. With that in mind, you need to do extensive research since this is not something that you need to buy on a whim.

After going through the above guide, I believe you now have the right information to make an informed decision and get the best RV toilet.


Let's go over some frequently asked questions about RV Toilets.

Q: Are these RV Toilets good for any RV type?

A: Yes, any Travel RV Toilet is good for camper trailer, caravan, truck camper, campervan, motorhome, etc. Check please our best rv toilets comparison table.

Q: Where to buy cheap RV Toilets for sale?

A: Take a look at this TOP best rv toilets kits reviewed of 2023 and then press the «Check Price» button to check their price and availability.

Q: What is the best Travel RV Toilet for money?

A: The 5.3G Portable Travel Toilet for RV Camping [Camco] is our Editor's Choice as the best model of Travel RV Toilet with its combination of performance, features, quality and price.

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