4 Best Car Lifts for Home Garage Review

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Last Updated February 1, 2023
Hold your ground, because today we are about to uncover some greatest myth of buying best car lift for home garage or small shops. Don’t confuse hydraulic jacks with hydraulic car lifts. Jacks only push up the vehicle a little, leave little room under the car. Hydraulic car lifts not only gives you enough ground clearance to play around, but it also safest among the others to do the job. First thing first, we often think that car maintenance is a professional thing, or if I am a small shop owner, I need tons of setup to start. And the answer is no! We believe you don’t need to be a great car enthusiast or a professional car mechanic to do schedule checks or changing gear oil of your vehicles. And it is tough to get anything done under the wheels without lifting the car up! The only thing that matters is your knowledge. Understanding your beloved vehicle that what mostly matters. Why am I saying this? It is to let you know that whenever you start loving your motor, you will do things that are best for it. So that being said, now it’s time to choose the right residential car lift. Should you buy anything? Or highly priced on or make a balance? The harsh truth is choosing the wrong, or counter fit Chinese residential vehicle lift can be dangerous. Numerous safety facts can go wrong while using such hoists. There are hundreds of car hoists are available in the market. The result is confusing to choose the right one. Here in Best Tool Brands, we have made the most detailed and professional grade in-depth review of residential garage lifts. We have explained mostly every tiny thing that can come into your mind to choose the right one. At the last part of this home garage car lifts review, we have added a step by step buying guide, where we have written in details of how did we pick best one, and educate you to understand, what are the critical point that you have to look for?

TOP Garage Car Lifts Comparison Table

❑1. Low Profile Garage Lift (2 Ton Capacity) [Pro-Lift]+
❑2. Heavy Duty 4000 lb Triple Car Lift [Powerbuilt]+
❑3. Single Post Home Garage Car Lift [Trailer-Aid]+
❑4. Steel Car Scissor Lift 1.5 Ton (3,000 lb) Capacity [Big Red]+

1. The Best Low Profile Garage Lift (2 Ton Capacity) [Pro-Lift]

Low Profile Garage Lift (2 Ton Capacity) [Pro-Lift] Picture

When we were researching through TRIUMPH NT-9 two post lifts, we came to know it is the most popular two posts residential garage car lift. It raises the most ultimate question, why? To get a satisfactory answer, we stripe it down piece by piece. The first thing we can assure, it is on our top choice as the best 2 posts home garage car lift because this lifting tool not only meets our every expectation but also have hundreds of happy customers across The United States. It’s easy to install and clearances all the safety measures.

Build Quality:

National Auto Tools are making a lift for nearly 35 years. We believe they know what they are doing. The primary structure built with high-grade irons. Two direct drive high-quality cylinders are more than capable of lifting anything in 9000 pounds. According to current statistic, it is the best two post car lift.

PRO TIP: Quality lift will seat firm on a flat floor, and all the joints must have weld accurately.


This lift is one of the at easier equipment to setup. Average installation timing is about 3 hrs. By 4 people. There are tons of installation videos available on YouTube.


Maximum Handle Load: 9,000 LB
Total Height: 111″
Total Width: 132″
Maximum Reachable Height: 72″
Lowest Height: 4.5″
Truck Adapters: Yes
Lock Releasing System: Dual Point
Electric Safety Shut Off: No
Lifting Time: 56 Sec
Needed Volt: 220V AC
Style/Type: Floorplate
Shipping Weight: 1,303 lbs.


According to NAT, this automotive lift comes with ISO9001 quality certifications. For safety assurance CE marks are provided. Apart from this they have in house safety checking procedures to confirm that there all the lifts are safety inspected.

  • To cover a maximum variety of vehicles, it comes with broader front arms that provide three stage reach.
  • Small and compact will fit well into any residential garage.
  • Cable and hose runs underneath of low ceiling which means those are well secured.
  • Hydraulic pump will ask you for routine maintenance more frequently rather than those high capacity lifts on professional garages.
  • If you are planning to use it for everyday like professionals, you must know Triumph NT-9’s telescoping platform pads can get wear easily. But it won’t happen in years if you use it in a home garage uses.

Ultimate Impression:

Most of the vehicles are under four tones in terms of gross weight, which make this superefficient in the means of handling maximum verity of cars. 220 VAC power inlet systems are the vastly used power source. It means you don’t have to worry about power connection.

2. The Best Heavy Duty 4000 lb Triple Car Lift [Powerbuilt]

Heavy Duty 4000 lb Triple Car Lift  [Powerbuilt] Picture

We all knew that car lifts are expensive. And it will need a ton of space in the garage to fit in. Man, QuickJack just merely blow way all these perspectives. When we started this quickjack review, we were mesmerized by its fact in every step almost. We are talking about a low ceiling car lift under 2000$, and it won’t eat up you garage spaces. We named it Lil Beast. When we saw it, we are like how the hack this is going to lift up 5000 Lbs? But when we saw it, we are like, man that’s a Ferrari. It has almost everything as to be a small lift, but hold on. Nothing is so perfect there are few drawbacks as well. Our overall experience with QuickJack 5175376 BL-5000SLX Car Lift is it’s more likely a supercar but at a low price. It can lift first, but like a coupe, it has two seats only. You have to read the full review to solve this Mistry.

Build Quality:

QuickJack lifts made with MS Squire Pipes. Other body parts mostly use MS plates and sheets. Our first impression after unboxing it was, it looks like they failed to provide heavy metals. But when we lift up for settings, it justifies entirely, quick jack prices are meager, and it must have to be lightweight. They advertise that only a single person can maintain the whole thing, and in reality, that’s 100% true. That gives us another point QuickJack 5175376 BL-5000SLX is definitely what it promises. Apart from frame quality second thing we checked is two central hydraulic cylinder those are direct drive max 50psi load capacity. That’s powerful enough to lift up any Saloons or small SUV’s.


First thing first, when we open QuickJack 5000 shipping packs we discover there is two installation manual in two different boxes, one with the frames another one with the Power Pack (Motor Unit). It was bit confusing, but both are same. After a little bit of googling came to know we are not alone. To settings it up you need bellow tools.
1. ¾ spanner which is nearly 19 mm.
2. 20 mm wrench. Or Adjustable spanner.
3. 5mm hex key for releasing bleeding points.
4. Teflon Tapes
5. Hydraulic Oils 2.3 Liters. (General purpose ISO-32, ISO-46, or ISO-68 hydraulic fluid or approved ATF fluids such as Dexron III, Dexron VI, Mercon V, Mercon LV, or any Synthetic Multi-Vehicle ATF)
To setup whole thing you don’t need anyone. One man army is more than enough. Go through QuickJack 5000 Instruction Manual, or there are youtube videos to set it up. It is really easy to setup. Setting up hydraulic hoses are super easy too. All tubes are connecting with Male and Female connectors. We found everything in the box instruction manual is easy to follow and all of this finished in an hour.


Maximum Handle Load: 5,000 LB
Total Height: 17.5″
Total Width: (Adjustable)
Maximum Reachable Height: 17.5″
Lowest Height: 3″
Frame Width: 11″
Frame Length: 68.8”
Truck Adapters: Yes
Safety Lock: Fitted with safety cam lock system on both side of frame assembly.
Lifting Time: Less than 37 Sec
Needed Volt: 110V-60Hz/220V-60Hz/220V-50Hz, 12VDC (7 gauge/10 mm Cable)
Style/Type: Frame type
Shipping Weight: 158 lbs.


All Quickjacks products are CE certified. What we weren’t aware earlier that they are certified by ALI as well. Those are most commonly and high standard certification you can ask for any residential garage car lifts. It recently gets added cam locking safety mechanism system. Allows the hoist get closed in two different positions to hold the lift firmly. According to the company, it will keep the load even if the hydraulic cylinders fails.

PRO TIP: Never drive on the top of this lift it will burst the cylinder.

  • It is undoubtedly excellent deal for the money.
  • We have enough evidence of fast lifting time well under 30 secs.
  • Quite steady on the highest lifting position. Even it performs well in low pressure.
  • They stand out on customer service. And that is something hard to find nowadays.
  • While fitting it up, we received user confirmation that they have to remove the air cylinder to fix the L type hydraulic hose connectors. We guess you can bet that by double layering Teflon tape.
  • In the way of Quickjacks 5000 review, we have seen that its move from the car lifting positions if you up and down it three or four times

Ultimate Impression:

Overall experience with this lift is excellent. We will provide 4.5 stars out of 5. By considering all the fact, we have discussed earlier now it is time for you to know why I called it a Coupe. Because it is quick, small, and it will do most of the jobs but won’t fit on elevating heavy vehicles, and apart from that maximum reach is one and a half feet only, so you have to lie on your back if you wish to work under the car. It’s like you can drive a coupe on the road but not off-road.

3. The Best Single Post Home Garage Car Lift [Trailer-Aid]

Single Post Home Garage Car Lift [Trailer-Aid] Picture

When you are looking for best 4 post lift for servicing and storage, it is essential to get something that won’t rip you everyway. Its being years we have seen numbers of celebrity car enthusiast accustomed Bendpack four-post garage storage lifts. But when we dug deeper we started to believe, there are better options. We discovered many complaints about their four post automotive lifts. More likely pieces are going missing with new packages. Small spares are not available on the markets for the hoist. Bendpack won’t sell small parts for this type of lift and mostly sold in sets at a higher price. So we decided we should consider better than this for real good, and find something that will be reasonable as a garage storage lifts. Triumph NSS-8 8000Lbs looks promising to us. We all know National Auto Tools build this. A brand we vastly trust. And find accountable for everything they supply.

Build Quality:

NAT is around 20 years in the market. It makes sense to say that they have enough experience to make a perfect piece. We can see it in this lift. Solid built still structure look highly robust. The first impression is reasonably sturdy, heavy, bit bulky and quality construction. Four different pieces of still wire to carry the lift. Ten different Sheave pulleys to run it smoothly.


In this part, we have a mix feelings at the staring. Because user complained, they have not received any instruction manual with the shipping packs. But with a bit of googling, we find one. Installing this lift is not that hard. Still, we recommend if you are alone and chances of getting help is hard, hire a professional team. It will reduce the amount of stress and time. If you are not sure either you want to move it later, we advise not fix bolts on the floor. In our experience, one of the platforms comes fitted along with the main cylinder. Don’t try to put that alone. For setting power source, you need a 30 Amps breaker.

PRO TIP: Lift never comes with hydraulic oils insides, buy it along with the lift purchasing.


Maximum Handle Load: 8,000 LBS
Total Height: 94”
Total Width: 112”
Maximum Reachable Height: 82″
Lowest Height: 5″
Frame Width: 18″
Frame Length: 180”
Truck Adapters: No
Safety Lock: One point safety locking and releasing system and safety latches on all the four posts.
Lifting Time: 40 Sec
Needed Volt: 110V-60Hz
Style/Type: Floor Plate
Shipping Weight: 1600 LBS


TRIUMPH NSS-8 8000Lbs 4 Post Storage Service Lift built in a factory that ISO9001 quality guaranteed. Apart from this NAT have his safety team to ensure delivering safest equipment to customers. It is CE certified. In our recommendation, we have confirmed information that the lifting cables rub on the hydraulic hoses. While installing make sure you have taken care of that by changing the pulley adjustment.

  • Bolt free designing means you don’t need to fit screws on the floor. In case of not using you can push it aside to clear garage space.One point safety lock releasing system.
  • Single mounted cylinder under the runway. It Saves unwanted space on vehicle working area.
  • Dual use of the lift, storage, and servicing. If you wish to store a vehicle for a long time, it will do that correctly.
  • Instruction manual (online version) comes with a troubleshooting guide.
  • Tend to be bit more power consumable.
  • You won’t be able to work on the wheels. For work, related to wheels or breaks, you need to buy few more fixtures which can cost you a couple of hundreds.

Ultimate Impression:

Final experience is fantastic with Triumph NSS-8. Super steady structure gives us a peace of mind. Easy to install. Vast mobility. We would provide a whopping 4.7 star on this lift.

4. The Best Steel Car Scissor Lift 1.5 Ton (3,000 lb) Capacity [Big Red]

Steel Car Scissor Lift 1.5 Ton (3,000 lb) Capacity [Big Red] Picture

This is the best portable car lift for the home garage. It might have out focused on a four-post storage lift, but they smashed it on the best portable scissor lift for the home garage. We called this lift for the future. It has some unique features and a futuristic design. How amazing is that, you buy a proper scissor lift that is not only giving you greater height and work area but also it will be portable! I loved it on the first look. Let’s dig more to decide either all I have said are just hokes.

Build Quality:

First of all, we will talk about the mainframe of the lift which is high-grade 10 mm thick iron plates. The build quality is highly impressive comparing to other lifts. It seats more firmly on the floor. There is four solid still rollers fitted on the bottom as work like wheels which more sensible while moving it around. Twin cylinders make it quite safe, and the linear distribution of lifting load will hold the vehicle steady. As a mid-rise lift, it is essential to have moveable arms to adjust any vehicle width. Four lift arm assembly to do such job which is built with MS materials. The smaller power units will be easy to move. Power source cables are well secured and less likely to get damaged. 5 inches wide arms while others made it with 4 inches. Safety lock assembly built with solid metal. Cylinder attachment is heavy metal clamps, and a solid still shaft to hold it. The Center shaft of the lifting cross beams diameter is 1.25 inches, and it is also solid metal while most other provide 1 inch or fewer diameter shafts.


Installation part is really fun on this lift. All you have to do unpacking and fit four of the arms assembly. It is quite easy. Power units come into different packaging, and you have to fix four bolts to connect it with the portable trolley. Power cables already attached, so just plugin it on the incoming line. As it is single phase 100/220VAC so any standard inlet will do, make sure you have read the motor AMP rating, and your power inlet Circuit Breaker is according to that AMP range. And yes you need to connect the main hydraulic hose to cylinders inlet. Fill the tank with 1.5 Gal 10 WT hydraulic oil, get set and go.


Maximum Handle Load: 6,000 LBS
Total Height: 54.73” With Extensions
Total Width: 61.3”
Maximum Reachable Height: 54.73″ With Extensions
Lowest Height: 3.5″
Frame Width: 5″
Frame Length: 60”
Truck Adapters: Yes
Safety Lock: Multi position safety locking and releasing system.
Lifting Time: 45 Sec
Needed Volt: 110/200VAC-60Hz
Style/Type: Frame Type
Shipping Weight: 954 LBS


While buying a garage lift safety is a large concern. It is well covered in every safety measure including ALI/ETL certification. According to American safety Standard, all motor operating lift must need to be listed into Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL). It clearly mentioned that this lift is certified under the category of ANSI /UL201, for Canada CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 68. In our test Multi position safety lock operation to not only ensure the safety, it as well locks the lift on multiple heights. This lift offers hands free safety operation which means you don’t need to engage safety lock manually.

  • 110/220VAC power inlet will cover any general house garage power source.
  • For static load distribution, two heavy duty hydraulic cylinders will cover most of the light vehicle.
  • Durable powder coat finishes on the body. Benefits lift to clean up effortlessly, and paint will last long.
  • Portable power pack trolley which can be used to pull the lift as well.
  • Free adapter set included in the package.
  • Adjustable arm assemblies to cover a wide variety of vehicles.
  • The major drawback for this lift is no return policy. Once you have it, you can’t return it.
  • It does not fit in imported vehicles especially Mercedes E series.
  • Indoor use only.

Ultimate Impression:

Bendpack lift has one thing for sure that is immaculate quality. We have talked about every possible aspect you might face. But above all I loved is portability and simplicity of uses. Connect the trolley and move to desired location or store into a corner when don’t need it. In our ratings, we will give it a 4.5 Star ratings.

Best Branded Garage Car Lifts

The market is dominated by some manufacturers such as: Pro-Lift, Powerbuilt, Trailer-Aid, Big Red.

Garage Car Lifts Pros and Cons

Overall, there are the most important things to consider when purchasing best car lifts for home garage. Pay attention to the following unique features:
  • product's quality;
  • price;
  • etc.

How to choose best car lift for home garage. Step by step buying guide

Think through before buying your best residential garage car lifts:

There are few personal preferences you should clarify yourself earlier to purchase. It is more likely narrowing down the first choice among the others.

Maximum Load Capacity:

This will be the first scissoring on shaping choices. Check your gross vehicle weight it must be into your owner manual. Or might check their official website by specific model number. Buying over capacity or under capacity won’t help you. As much high capacity you choose, much more you pay. Another hand under dimensions will not hold the load. If you ask us, we will suggest buying a 30-50% more capable one. It will help in the long run.

Maximum Tire spread:

End to end width of your car on 2 pols and wheel to wheel distance on 4 pols lift. You should consider this because we don’t want you to end up buying a narrower one neither you do. Check the width and length of your car. Understand the minimum area you need the lift to cover, and you are good to go.

Ground Clearance:

This point is specifically for those who wish to buy a four pols automotive lift. When you are driving your car on the lift, there is a chance of getting stuck if you failed to get the right ground clearance.

Different types of home garage car lifts:

There are numerous types of lift available in the market. Some of them are customized for particular purposes. We are not going to focus on any other lift that’s not fit into home garages.

Asymmetric Two post lifts.

It is a two post lift that has two forks attached to the cylinder. Those are the mostly old fashion lifts. In asymmetric two post lifts both the fork work independently to push the vehicle on your desired height.

Symmetric Two post lifts with baseplate.

Symmetric Two post lifts run through hoisting cable, most of them have a direct drive-in facility. There will be a baseplate or shaft which will go under the vehicle frame. It supports the vehicle to hold better. This type of lift has two different types.

Overhead 2 post Car Lift:

On this lift hoisting cable, and hydraulic pipes run through the top of the lift where it supported by a metal bar. The benefit of this is, it gives you the clear floor to work with. Overhead lifts are stable then baseplates lift.

Baseplate Lift

In this lift cable and pipes are run across the floor, top of that a base plate installed to support everything.

Four post lift

Four Post car lifts are also known as storage vehicle lift. It working principal is wheel engaging. In practical you drive straight on the hoisting position. It will lift the whole car by holding wheels.

Scissor Lift

Parking method of a scissor lift and two post lift are similar. And it also raises the vehicle by lifting frame. It has two cylinders that directly drive the winch in a cross position while two scissor shape frame move angular direction to rise or fall. It doesn’t leave a lot of working space under the vehicle like others.

Final Verdict:

We didn’t choose random best car lift for home garage we choose best from the different type of lifts which is less confusing. It should help you to select the best based on your needs. There is nothing perfect in this world but some are more specifically best fits in particular working areas.


Let's go over some frequently asked questions about Garage Car Lifts.

Q: Are these Garage Car Lifts good for any RV type?

A: Yes, any Home Garage Car Lifts is good for motorhome, camper trailer, caravan, truck camper, campervan, etc. Check please our best car lifts for home garage comparison table.

Q: Where to buy cheap Garage Car Lifts for sale?

A: Take a look at this TOP best car lifts for home garage kits reviewed of 2023 and then press the «Check Price» button to check their price and availability.

Q: What is the best Home Garage Car Lifts for money?

A: The Low Profile Garage Lift (2 Ton Capacity) [Pro-Lift] is our Editor's Choice as the best model of Home Garage Car Lifts with its combination of performance, features, quality and price.

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